Diamine Inkvent Calendar 2019/Blue Edition 2020 #11 Elf

Did I mention that someone at Diamine’s headquarter has quite a lot of humour!?! Elf means, well, “Elf” (female “Elfe”) in German, but it also means “eleven”. So, to name an ink “Elf” on the eleventh day is a pun.

The ink itself is a standard ink, property-wise and, unfortunately, also color-wise. At least to me it does nothing than being just green; not a garish green, but not an exciting shade either.

It did flow well enough in a Montblanc 114 Mozart IM and also in a Pelikan M350 IM, so nothing to complain about here. It is just not my favourite colour, which, in a way, is good, because: What would I do with 25 more inks had I loved all the inks in the calendar?