50 shades of blue #15 Diamine Flower Series Aster

Diamine Aster is part of the Flower Series, originally intended to be only bought as a set, but since not everyone wishes to buy their inks in dozens, some retailers have mercy and sell them individually also. (Thank you!)

Aster is a nice and warm light to mid-blue, neither too light, too dark or too turquoise-y nor too … you get it; I like this ink a lot and use it preferably in midsize nibs to enjoy its colour but still employ it for notes rather than “playing around” which is reserved to the more fun & flexy nibs.

Aster fared well in a vintage Kaweco Sport V16 with a broad nib that tends to “pull out” inks rather light and only produce subtle shading, so you results in a wetter nib may vary.